Deck Lighting

The future is bright with our comprehensive range of LED lighting products to brighten up any deck design.

A deck is not just a deck; it’s a living space and base camp for that great canopy of sky you get to call your own.   So why not use our deck lighting and related lighting products to create that perfect ambience for alfresco dining.

Recessed In-Ground Light


Technical Specifications:

Item Number: D2YAS0134

Stainless steel bevel

Aluminum housing

IP67 water resistance

0.5w LED


Inground LED deck light

28mm cut out

Technical Specifications:

Light Source: 1 x 0.5W CREE

Input Voltage: 24VDC

Operating Current: 34mA

Consumption: 0.8w

Luminance: Cool White = 11lm

Luminance: Warm White = 9.6lm

IK Rate: 06

Recessed In-Ground Light


Technical Specifications:

Item Number: B3AB0102

Aluminum housing

TO Type Power LED

Light Source: 1 x 3W

Selected Lens: B4


Input Voltage: 24VDC

Input Voltage: 24VDC

Operating Current: 24V = 110mA

Technical Specifications:

Operating Current: 120V = 48mA

Operating Current: 240V = 28mA

Consumption: 24V = 2.6w

Consumption: 120V = 3.3w

Consumption: 240V = 3.3w

Luminance: Cool White = 95lm

Luminance: Warm White = 81lm

IK Rate: 02


Extend the entertainment and enjoyment of your deck into the night with the most comprehensive and complete range of outdoor lighting, which will transform your project into something spectacular.  Making the great outdoors even greater just got easier.

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