MoistureShield – the environmentally friendly choice


Traditional is good – green is better.

MoistureShield’s green credentials speak for themselves and it’s no wonder even nature’s toughest critics approve.

MoistureShield is committed to protecting our fragile ecosystem with a range of environmentally friendly composite products that aim to minimise the impact of deforestation on our planet. Not one tree has been felled for the production of our products.  Our products not only support sustainable architecture and green building methods, but also provide good value to any project in the long term.

Environmental Facts

MoistureShield composite wood decking and accessories are made with:

38% post consumer recycled content

57% pre-consumer recycled content

95% total recycled content

95% Recycled Material: Global plastic and recycling stops over 122 million kilograms of refuse from entering landfills every year

Saves Energy: The manufacturing process conserves 5.3 trillion BTU’s of energy per year

Reduces Green House Gasses: A 12m2 composite deck saves 280kg CO2 which equates to removing 54 000 passenger vehicles off the road

Absorbs Carbon Emissions: Over the next 50 years, the use of eco-friendly building products and replanting of trees will absorb about 20% of man-made carbon emissions

Creates Jobs: 100 jobs are created for every 10 000 tonnes of recycling

Sustainability: No new trees are cut down to make MoistureShield composite decking

What goes into MoistureShield composite wood decking?

MoistureShield’s parent company, Advanced Environmental Recycling Technologies, Inc. (A.E.R.T.), located in Springdale, AR, is a leading plastics recycler and manufacturer of green composite building products. Our state-of-the-art 70,000 square-foot plastic recycling facility washes, cleans and separates polyethylene food packaging and wrapping films for the raw materials in our decking products. Even the building itself is designed with LEED certifications, with no storm water discharged from the site and no potable water, used in the manufacturing process. The energy efficient design includes a habitat for protected species and low emissions. It’s why the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency awarded us with the EPA Region 6 “Partnership for Environmental Excellence” Award.

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